We build houses


Design! Minimalist, fully equipped, small houses and apartments. Villages with many useful services, such as energy generation, car sharing and co-working space.


The buildings and even an entire village are completed within 12 months. The production of the modules takes 3 months, the assembly on site only one day.


We love barrier-free living. And we also pave the way for support services.

Loans starting from 1.14 % interest

Our climate-friendly buildings are subsidized by KfW with interest rates from 1.14%! Loans of up to € 270,000 are available for families.


Renting, buying, installment plan, short stays, extending or reducing the size of your home, simply bringing it up to the latest technological standards and even being able to give it back!


CO²-neutral! Less space per resident, fewer materials, no soil sealing, enough energy for your home and your electric car!

Impressions of our projects

Follow a drone flight through one of our houses.

Our solutions for ...

Together, we utilize your open spaces for chalets.

Create self-sufficient spaces | increase your utilization | achieve a quick ROI | enhance your resilience


Together, we develop living spaces for your business

Fast | energy self-sufficient | with minimal carbon footprint | starting at 1% interest & high depreciation


Together, we create living spaces

Utilize fallow land | socially sustainable | without soil sealing | reduce basic costs | quickly


Unlock millions of square meters of infill and fallow land with us

Socially and environmentally sustainable | energy self-sufficient | without soil sealing | with minimal CO2 footprint


We collaborate with local timber construction companies, carpentry firms, and civil engineering companies

Together, we offer our customers standardized models from implementation to on-site warranty. Do you want to be a part of it?


The Heise Haus modular system

In-demand tiny houses, innovative row houses, and micro-apartments, stunning chalets - all with the Heise Haus modular system, fully prefabricated by local carpenters in 3 months and assembled and connected on-site in just one day.

The already low carbon footprint shrinks rapidly to zero through the EH40 highest standard and future-oriented technology. The ergonomic design maximizes space, making even small areas appear 20% larger.

Let's build together!

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